Thank you for your interest in Livingstone Studio! We are a husband and wife team based out of Toronto, Ontario who specialize in product and still life photography. Whether you are looking for creative imagery for your brand new website, or you are in the process of putting together an e-commerce storefront, we have the experience and skills to make your photography stand out among your competition.

Bill Livingstone
Photographer // Graphic Artist

Bill is a creative thinker with a background in graphic design and photography over the past ten years, which has given him the opportunity to work along side a wide range of clients. He has done photographic work in industries ranging from fashion and retail photography to industrial components. His variety of knowledge and expertise gives him a competitive edge when working with all kinds of clients and companies.

Deanna Livingstone
Stylist // Project Manager

Deanna has a background in fine art with a creative mindset towards composition and precise detail. She is able to take a seemingly ordinary item and create a visual backstory that allows the subject to resonate with an audience.